Kebari - Witch's Broom #14 Klinkhamer Barbless - 3 Flies

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It reminds me of the proverbial witch's broom. Is there some magic here? Try it and find out.

I tied in just a few fibers of Pheasant Tail, mostly in dyed red or brown, then wrapped a sparse shorter, brown soft hackle in the usual way.

The stiffer feather forward makes a really different looking insect that will often elicit strikes from aggressive dominant males. The head is intense red silk and the body of shredded Antron-TM dubbed on red thread will hold air bubbles for imitating general hatching insects. Perfect for a Mayfly hatch and for Smallmouth Bass. Actually gets darker underwater with a red/brown appearance. Size #14 Klinkhamer hook. Definitely try this one with the Leisenring lift.

Let me know if you have a color preference. Sold as three flies.

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