American - Jim's Dragon Worm #8 Klinkhamer - 3 Flies

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Want to make sure the fish notice your fly? This kebari is CRAZY! Not a fly for the purist, but with an action that fish cannot resist. Long, bright Soft hackle fluttering in the current and colorful Squirmy tail wiggling like mad! The more of these that I sell, feedback tells me that maybe I should tie just one fly. Just kidding, but if the fish are there, you WILL GET ACTION with this pattern! One customer said that it looks like a dragon, so that's now it's official name, "The Dragon Worm".

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"Jim, very cool design on the Klinkhamer (Killer Worm). I took a friend out after some bluegill at a local pond and did really well. I can't wait to use more of them. I'm going to put in another order shortly! Thank you," Clint in Utah.

""Hey Jim, That Killer Worm did the trick on the river, has really produced a lot of fish. I shared a bunch with one of my friends, recently landed an 18" rainbow on his sato using that fly. I still have a few left that you tied, reserved for when nothing else is working." Stephen in  CT.

Try it for tail-waters, and rising/high water. Ideal for Rainbows & Steelhead, Bass & Panfish too. Small tungsten bead for heavy rods - weighs 1/2 gram, get the fly deep. Pick the no-bead version for slower water or lighter rods - 1/4 gram. However, the bead makes the pattern present like an aquatic worm would behave, heading straight to the bottom.

Spindrift Wool body soaks up water, so you really don't need the beads. Natural extra-long soft hackle in pink and super-active "Squirmy Wormy" tail in various colors. A creamy white fur collar that is easy to spot & looks like aquatic fungus (predatory fish naturally key in on evidence of  injuries in their prey).

A customer favorite here & super-best performer! Sold as three  flies. Size #8 only. So effective, to give fish a fighting chance they are only offered on barbless hooks. Sold as 3 flies. Highly durable construction.

NOTE: Use caution when casting bead-heads, which could possibly break a rod tip. Choose an unweighted or under-body weighted fly if you are uncertain. 

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