American - Killer Bugger Black & Brown #12 - 3 Flies

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An adaptation of Chris Stewart's original. It's a great "fish-catching" pattern!

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"Jim. I am extremely pleased with my entire 1st order, especially the Killer Buggers which are by far the absolute GOLD STANDARD of any I've seen anywhere. Accordingly I have just placed a rather large order for more Killer Buggers so I don't run out soon." John in Pennsylvania

A killer bugger in Black Shetland Wool, plain with a Black Marabou Tail. Also available as a bright version with a Red, Brown and Black color combination & Just a touch of Mylar Flash. I brush the body which brings out some fuzzy long fibers creating a buggy look. A super durable, last nearly forever design.

Copper weighted on sizes #12 x-long hook. Imitates a stone fly or other large nymph & a dark baitfish. I'm not a one fly guy, but if I was... this in several colors just might be it. I routinely use a black one with brown hen hackle tied in "Jun" or normal wet fly style.

I think brighter is better for most trout, bass and panfish, but there are times when a plain black or black & brown will do the job best, especially with large brown trout, which are often very persnickety. 

Chris Stewart has stated that he feels a Black with Brown combination is far more effective than black alone. For Northeastern streams I would agree. But in the West a plain black bugger makes a good imitation of a large black stonefly nymph. 

 The Killer Bugger has to rank very high with most Tenkara fishermen. I get constant orders for them and have had great success with them. One of these often garners a bite during a frustrating "match-the-hatch" situation.

Many special order options are available as needed. For example a black, olive or brown wool with similar color marabou creates a reasonable Stonefly , tiny crayfish, sculpin & large slow-water Mayflies. A gray/brown combo creates a Hellgramite. Drift these around rocks in pocket water, upstream or down.

A good way to fish these under an overgrown or brushy conditions, is downstream through broken water where you are not easily seen. Wearing subdued clothing is a must for any downstream fishing. On-stream, wipe your fly in the algae to pick up some stream scent & hide yours. Keep low & walk carefully. Try to keep a dark tree or brush background behind you.

Let your fly drift ahead of you and at the end of the drift let it come to the top, lift it into the air and pull it back upstream a few feet, then let it drift down again through a different current lane. Never actually casting, but letting the current do the work. In more accessible water, try fishing it up or down as a nymph and across on a swing, and fish deep as a crayfish, minnow or sculpin.

This fly may have had the most evolution of any in my store. The plain ones work best for me on a tiny (size #16) unweighted hook, tied sparse - super for low water conditions. (Traditionally tied).

I tie killer buggers differently with a sparse tapered tail, and slim body compared to a Wooly Bugger, as they are intended to represent many forms of aquatic life other than leeches. Even the addition of a full-body palmered hackle would be too much. They really kind of fish a lot like a nymph, with a bit of a polywog look.

A customer favorite here & best performer. Weighs 1/4 gram. Sold as three flies. 

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