Kebari/American - Tarcher Style Copperbari #14 English Bait Hook - 3 Flies

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An adaptation of Chris Stewart's - American Original. It also uses the old "Tarcher" pattern originated by Ken Iwamasa with a handy upturned hook.

Copper body, brownish-greyish hen soft hackle, orange silk and Peacock herl collar.  Anyone who has used the Western Copper John fly pattern knows the value of this fly. Except that this one is a sakasa tie and fairly weedless as well. In my opinion a perfect blending of the ideas of two angling masters.

The copper body and heavy gauge hook takes it to the bottom in slow to medium currents where the point, which rides upright, helps to prevent snags.

I feel that the fish think these are stonefly nymphs. Like all of my flies, they are very durable. A customer favorite here & a best performer. Wide-gap English Bait hook. Sold as three flies.

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