American - Jim's Shetland Wool Soft Hackle Sakasa #14 Klinkhamer - 3 Kebari

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Jamieson's Shetland Wool Caddis.

Minimum Order $20 with FREE USA Shipping!

"Shetland wool" body, collar of Shetland Sheepdog and Whiting hen hackle on a barbless size #14 heavy klinkhamer hook (similar in overall size to a #12 scud hood). Silk thread shows through when wet, creating a multi-dimensional UV effect under the fuzzy wool body.

Effective Caddis pupa or small Stonefly pattern, Mayflies too. The various shades of Shetland sheepdog hair collars are picked out to simulate legs. On-stream, wipe it in the algae to pick up some stream scent & hide yours. Sold as three flies. My super durable, last nearly forever design.

Thanks again!!! Your flies are absolutely the best. You truly make a great product, these flies last forever provided i don't lose them. Thank you again ! James in NY 

The FREE USA SHIPPING Minimum Fly Order is $20; mixed pattern, size or color. Please add an additional $4.00 for less than $20 domestic US orders. International shipments additional $11.00 for most fly orders (gear orders may require additional postage). Attn. New York State customers, sales tax applies.