Tying Materials - Pure Beeswax For Silk Tying - 1/4 Oz/Wood Box

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A silk fly tyer's best friend. Pure Bees Wax is ideal for working with silk thread or for general tying. Makes the thread behave and secures materials wonderfully while protecting the thread.

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I learned on it, used it for 50 years and find it great for all kinds of tying. I can spin lovely bodies with it.

I cast these 1 inch diameter x 5/8 inch tall, 1/4 ounce chunks (in limited numbers) and ship them in my cool round wooden boxes.

Nice size to hold in the hand, easy to pick up on the bench, box keeps it clean. I like to keep mine on top of my incandescent work lamp while tying to keep it at just the right temperature. Run the thread between your finger and the wax.

Give the thread a swipe before performing your whip finish. Deepens the color very slightly, to match certain historical patterns (Stewart and Leisenring's patterns being most noteworthy).

Rotate it between finger and thumb giving your twist a slight bit of tack for spinning fur. Gives a great grip for twisting wool for Utah killer Bugs.

$9 Delivered with your minimum purchase of $20 - (wax refill $7). I wouldn't be able to sell these in large quantities so please don't ask.

The Fly-tyer's Logo-Brand emblazoned into the box, is interpreted as:  "To join, connect, tie and knot" and is hereby declared the Official Kebari Tier's Hanko.

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