American - Jim's Partridge & Peacock Soft Hackle Sakasa #12 - 3 Kebari

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A better Tenkara version of the popular Western soft hackle pattern. There's nothing like "Peacock Herl"! It's like candy for hungry fish.

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"Jim, The peacock kebari landed the same fish that has bitten the killer and become wary many casts later. Keep up the good work," Landis in N. Carolina

Probably one of the most effective flies in the shop, but a sleeper. Have you ever seen a nicer example of an Isonychia mayfly? Great fly for selective spring & summertime trout, especially for pools, home to swimming nymphs.

Whiting natural medium grizzly hackle & Peacock herl body wrap to create a segmented look, which when wound down to hook bend, imitates insect gills. Black Silk thread body. Very lifelike in the water. With Partridge or Whiting soft hackle as available. Size 12 barbless Klinkhamer hook, which has a long shank. My super durable, last nearly forever design.

Sold as three flies. 

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