Sakasa American - Grave Digger Beadhead #12 - 3 Kebari

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Light Brass Beadhead, with a tip of the hat to The Tenkara Guides for a

great pattern.

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Shetland Spindrift wool bodies, Whiting Brahma medium Hen hackle, Shetland sheepdog collar, Barbless Klinkhamer (NOT JIG) hook.  The deep fishing answer for average weight rods. 

A bead fly that gets down deep and is easier to cast, a brass bead can be used with caution on light weight rods. On-stream, wipe it in the algae to absorb stream aroma and hide yours. Sold as three flies. Super durable, last nearly forever design.

NOTE: Use caution when casting bead-heads which can break a rod tip. Choose an unweighted or under-body weighted fly if you are uncertain.

Jim, the flies have been incredible. Just got back from a 3 day fishing trip and caught over 50 rainbows and browns, with many of them between 12-18". SH in California

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