Kebari/Historical - Leisenring's Black Gnat Wet Fly - 3 Flies

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Have you ever seen the best Black Gnat pattern ever invented? Well if not let me enlighten, it's Jim Leisenring's invention.

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Nearly everyone has heard of Jim Leisenring and his famous lift technique. First published in 1941 by V.S Hidy in "The Art of Tying the Wet Fly, it's still a great technique today. And of course everyone has heard of the Black Gnat fly pattern. And... I admit to a bit of hero worship. The guy left a big impression on me through his writings.

This is my humble interpretation using black soft hackle, genuine scarlet silk and crow herl done in my own "spaced herl" body style. Whiting hen hackle on a #12 barbless, heavy wet fly hook.

Traditionally tied in waxed silk just as Jim would recommend.

Sold as 3 flies. Size #12 only.

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