American - TankaraBum Killer Kebari Size #12 - 3 Kebari

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Chris Stewart AKA Tenkara Bum, is a pioneer in the Tenkara movement. I buy my personal Tenkara rods from him. This is a reproduction of one of his patterns. 

Minimum Order $20 with FREE USA Shipping!

I do not use hen pheasant hackle for these. Hen pheasant feather barbules are generally longer that those of the partridge. The numbers of the small neck feathers required to produce them are few in number on a pelt. It would be cost prohibitive to use them commercially for this popular pattern. 

Instead, I use medium partridge hackle. I also do not use the fine copper wire that makes the Sawyer part of the pattern historical. I do add a copper underbody, but tie it off with silk instead. 

I use sand color Jamieson's Shetland wool, colored with sand Prismacolor(TM) just as Chris does. Traditionally tied on a size #12 wet fly hook. 

Sold as 3 Flies. Size #12 only.

LINK: Chris Stewart Killer Kebari

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