Kebari/American - Red Ass Monkey Tungsten Bead #12 Jig Hook - 3 Kebari

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A soft hackle sakasa kebari borrowed from the minds of The Tenkara Guides.

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1/8" Tungsten Beadheads. Shetland Spindrift wool bodies, Whiting Brahma Hen variegated medium soft hackle, Shetland sheepdog collars in Gray/Tan. Gets deep real fast and stays there. Fine for heavy rods, or standard rods when hi-sticking, but not for light or ultralight rods. On-stream, wipe it in the algae to pick up some stream scent & hide yours. A customer favorite here. Sold as three flies. Super durable, last nearly forever design.

NOTE: Use caution when casting bead-heads which can break a rod tip. Choose an unweighted or under-body weighted fly if you are uncertain.

Thank you for your customer service my friend.  I always know that I will receive the very best in flies and gear from you.  I'm afraid your flies are going to be so beautiful that I will frame them and not fish with them.  Your work is that good!  You have a loyal customer in me Jim.  Take care and just the best for you this summer.  William in Colorado.

These have been an amazing fly for single fly nymphing when the water is flowing hard and the fish are holding on the bottom. Thanks! Edward in PA

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