A Glass Caddis Assortment #12-16 Klinkhamer Barbless - 12 Flies

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Four net-spinning Caddis (Trichoptera) Larva color patterns. Translucent glass beads with Antron dubbing, gives life to your offering. Effectively covers the range from mid-depth to touching bottom.

The dubbing captures tiny air bubbles when first submerged, effectively imitating the gases which buoy a Caddis pupa to the surface during hatching. So they can also be useful for imitating the Pupa or hatching form for the Caddis. Great for the Leisenring Lift, or for imitating a free-drifting Caddis Larvae, letting it circulate on bottom among the gravel and cobblestones.

The Gold and Silver patterns use glitter lined beads and exhibit a highly reflective aspect, acting somewhat like tiny spoons or spinners.

Fish as a swung wet fly, or upstream as a nymph. Sinks faster than most flies, but not unnaturally fast like a tungsten bead head so it is more versatile. Size #12, 14 or 16 Barbless Klinkhamer hooks depending upon intended species. Not available in a barbed hook. The dubbing is secured with wax, and some of the Antron material will shed with use. Sold as 12 flies

NOTE: The beads are genuine glass. Do not grasp fly with forceps to remove.

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