Tying Materials - Hackle Loose Hen Pheasant Feathers - Per 1/4 Oz

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The traditional feather for many Tenkara patterns. Best action of any traditional hackle feather.

Minimum Order $20 with FREE USA Shipping!

Loose Hen Pheasant almonds. This is what I use for many traditional patterns. I find that pheasant has a unique, longer look on the hook which has great action, as opposed to Partridge which is a shorter hackle with slightly stiffer barbules. Pheasant provides really great movement in the water!

Some folks dislike the long barbules found on many Hen Pheasant hackle feathers.

See the sketch included here for a tip on using long hackle on a small hook.

Generic Top Shelf quality at a great price. Several times per year I pick up deals on materials at a cost savings, which I can offer at a decent price (in limited quantities) to my friends. I wouldn't be able to sell these in large quantities so please don't ask. 

Per 1/4 ounce for $2.95 delivered.

The FREE USA SHIPPING Minimum Fly Order is $20; mixed pattern, size or color. Includes a FREE Wooden FLY BOX. Please add an additional $4.00 for less than $20 domestic US orders. International shipments additional $11.00 for most fly orders (gear orders may require additional postage). Attn. New York State customers, sales tax applies.