Tying Hooks - 54 Barbless Larva Fish Hooks Size #12 - 25 hooks

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The way to think of hooks is by usage. Light wire and smaller for fishing at, in or on the surface film, larger and heavier for fishing mid depth to bottom.

(For example: A feather dressed light wire #18 Pupa hook, is much harder to make sink than a #12 Klinkhamer hook, which in addition, looks to be about 1/3 larger than is a #12 Pupa hook)

I use this Larva hook in small sizes for such things as the Utah Killer Bug, Midges and Glass Bead Ants. I like the wide gap (because it's not overly so) giving me room for the beads. And I like the easy hooking qualities of the fine wire - Also great for surface fishing patterns. The small sizes float quite nicely, especially with a coat of floatant.

Generic Top Shelf quality at a great price. Several times per year I pick up deals on hooks at a varying cost savings, which I can offer at a decent price. Manufactured from extremely strong high carbon steel, tempered to bend before breaking. They have chemically sharpened points the same as expensive Daichii hooks, extremely sharp right from the package. Some styles are bronze finished and some are black.

Per 25 hooks

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