Tying Materials - Jamieson's Spindrift Shetland Wool Yarn - Available in 11 Colors 115 Yds.

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Proven time and time again by Anglers world wide. There is nothing like the quality and color range of Jamieson's Spindrift 2-Ply Wool Yarn from the Shetland Isles.

Minimum Order $20 with FREE USA Shipping! Add the $4 SHIPPING charge to cart if total is under $20 minimum.

100% Shetland Wool yarn, Approx. 115 yds (105m). A beautifully quick way to make a great sub-surface fly body. Soaks up water so it sinks quickly and looks like a fuzzy-buggy insect. Makes great collars and even streamers.


Available colors: 101 Shetland Black - Killer Buggers, 118 Moorit Shaela-Brown & Gray, 140 Rye, 180 Mist, 183 Sand, 187 Sunrise - Red Ass Monkey, 231 Bracken - Nymph, Crayfish, & Sculpin Buggers, 246 Wren, 259 Leprechaun-Little Green Rock Worm, 290 Oyster - Utah Killer Bug and 1270 Purple Haze - Grave Digger. $6.00 USA Delivered. Advanced notice needed for large orders.

See Spindrift Color Chart Here

The FREE USA SHIPPING Minimum Fly Order is $20; mixed pattern, size or color. Includes a FREE Wooden FLY BOX. Please add an additional $4.00 for less than $20 domestic US orders. International shipments additional $11.00 for most fly orders (gear orders may require additional postage). Attn. New York State customers, sales tax applies.