Tying Materials - Black Marabou - Per 1/4 Oz

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Just the thing for one of my favorite flies, the Killer Bugger.

Minimum Order $20 with FREE USA Shipping!

Try it plain in black, or use red silk thread and a little flash material for a bright version. Per 1/4 ounce strung turkey marabou dyed black.

Generic Top Shelf quality at a great price. Several times per year I pick up deals on materials at a cost savings, which I can offer at a decent price (in limited quantities) to my friends. I wouldn't be able to sell these in large quantities so please don't ask. 

$3.50 delivered.

The FREE USA SHIPPING Minimum Fly Order is $20; mixed pattern, size or color. Includes a FREE Wooden FLY BOX. Please add an additional $4.00 for less than $20 domestic US orders. International shipments additional $11.00 for most fly orders (gear orders may require additional postage). Attn. New York State customers, sales tax applies.