A Special Small Stream Selection - 12 Flies

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I am a trout pilgrim, following my inner Walden to the furthest reaches of my Great Lakes tributaries. The perfect all-purpose selection for ultralight packing. 

These are Small Flies intended for the Small-Stream world. With this order, extra time is spent matching these patterns to your favorite water if you wish. And they are all Barbless. Return your fish safely!

Eastern Style Kebari: Two - Black Ribbed Yellow sakasa with genuine silk, peacock herl & Whiting Brahma grizzly soft hackle, on a #16 Klinkhamer hook. Sub-surface wet fly pattern presented at mid depth. This is the sakasa version of a great North Country wet fly, the Partridge & Yellow

One Dr. Ishigaki and one Ishigaki Grizzly. Both are Multipurpose kebari with sparse Whiting Rooster hackle on #16 light wire pupa hooks to present in the surface film to mid depth. These are amazingly versatile little kebari great for small streams and surface feeding fish.

Western Style Flies: Two - Tiny Black Killer Buggers on heavy #16xL nymph hooks. Soak these in advance for a nice deep presentation in a mid-speed flow. A really solid performing fly. Unweighted.

Two Red Headed Black Glass Ants on #16 Klinkhamerhooks.

Two - Utah Killer Bugs - pink on a #16 heavy Klinkhamer hook. NOTE: You can substitute the larger Red Sawyer style minnow-tail #16 1XL "Eastern Killer Bugs" on request. Killer bugs are super all purpose 

Two #18 Larva hook "Glass Bead Red & Black Midge", black or red body as desired. Midges are a great fly year round if you have the eyes for it, or use an indicator. Also available in Gray, Cream, Brown, Olive, Yellow, Orange, Pink and Purple upon request. Sold as 12 flies includes one of my round wood boxes

(My personal Toms model Dutch Schultz box not included)

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Thnx Jim - Been an absolute pleasure working with you. Really appreciate your time and interest. Best, Chris in New Mexico

The FREE USA SHIPPING Minimum Fly Order is $20; mixed pattern, size or color. Includes a FREE Wooden FLY BOX. Please add an additional $3.00 for smaller domestic US orders. International shipments additional $10.00 - partially reimbursable, for most fly orders (gear orders may require additional postage). Attn. New York State customers, sales tax applies.