A Special Selection of Popular Japanese Patterns - 12 Kebari

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These are a mixed size selection of popular traditional Japanese style Kebari. Twelve of my most popular, super-durable, last nearly forever kebari in a nice variety for many situations and fish.

Minimum Order $20 with FREE USA Shipping!

An effective assortment that gives you a chance to find your killer pattern. Barbless.

Assorted: Dr. Ishigaki Style Multipurpose kebari, Futsu kebari #12 light pupa hook, Cream & brown Amano, Green & black Akiyamago & Red & pheasant Takayama sakasa kebari - soft hackles #12 Klinhhamer hooks, Sold as 12 flies with one of my round wood boxes.

(Box & Tweezer shown, my fav stream companions, not included)

To this list you might add some imports for sacrificing to the tree Gods.

Thanks for keeping me updated. Your customer service made a lifetime customer! AP in Wisconsin

The FREE USA SHIPPING Minimum Fly Order is $20; mixed pattern, size or color. Please add an additional $4.00 for less than $20 domestic US orders. International shipments additional $11.00 for most fly orders (gear orders may require additional postage). Attn. New York State customers, sales tax applies.