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   The truth is, Tenkara is not a match the hatch game, but is all about practicing technique with a few favorite patterns, especially patterns that look like a lot of various food sources that the fish will be focusing on at the time. Begin your tenkara experience on small ponds and lakes fishing for sunfish or bass, and with some of my cheap Tenkara flies.

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TFS flies hang tough, fish after fish.

Watershed Advice:

There are a lot of possibilities in kebari choices. If you have any questions about your selection options, write or give me a call and I'll help you choose based upon your specific region or watershed.

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How to handle fish


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Pond fishing


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Tenkara One Knot:

The Tenkara "One Knot" Diagram

The One important knot that you will need. Use it for attaching the line to your lillian and tippet.


The Double Sliding Loop for Loop N Lock Hooks

Fishing Knots Diagram


NOTE FOR NEWCOMERS: You are going to loose flies! Take a look at the imported fly section for inexpensive flies that you can learn with. For those just moving over from Western fly fishing, an excellent general tenkara fly selection would be the wool body patterns for baitfish, crustacean, and nymph or pupa types, and the simplified patterns for emerger, wet and dry fly fishing.

NOTE - Lots of folks ask which kebari to buy for small-stream trout fishing, which is what I specialize in. I like to see you have some fun on a pond or lake with sunfish first. After that your adventure into trout fishing will greatly benefit by your experience.

The most popular flies in my store for headwaters & general Small-Stream Fishing include:   Simple kebari in the style of the Master angler, Dr. Ishigaki. These are super simple to cast, and super effective in Dr. Ishigaki, Ishigaki Grizzly, Akiyamago Red & Hyashi Black (or just about any color that you would care to ask for). They are most effective with the addition of a UV collar, such as Peacock or any bright or white materials. Can be fished on top in the surface film or sunk to mid depth. They imitate a multitude of small aquatic lifeforms.

Tying a plain Black Killer Bugger:

Fly tying sequence

1. To tie my favorite Tenkara fly, start some thread of any color just behind the eye of a size #6 to #16 long shank hook, add a dab of glue then make thread wraps back from the eye for a short distance to secure the thread to the hook shank. Tie in some copper wire on top of the hook (the wire being about half the diameter or less of the hook shank), ending the thread just in front of the hook point.

2. Wrap the wire toward the eye, until you have one layer, then wind toward the hook bend half way over the first winding, then back toward the eye creating a small ball of copper just behind the hook eye. Be careful not to restrict the hook gap. Snip or break off off the excess wire and take the thread toward the bend just behind the wire to make a half dozen or more wraps where we will tie in the tail. Add another tiny dab of glue at the hook bend right behind the wire and on top of the thread.

3. Tie in a black Marabou (Turkey) feather leaving the length beyond the hook bend equal to the length of the hook shank. Wind the thread forward to the wire ball, snip off the excess feather, then wind thread back and forth to secure the feather to the hook and wire, making a fairly uniform shape.

4. Tie in the end of a piece of black wool or other yarn material near the middle of the wire under-body.

5. Apply a small bit of Glue to the top of the hook, wire and thread wraps. Dab off any excess glue with a rag. How much to remove you will learn through practice.

6. Wind the yarn once toward the eye, then once again toward the bend, wrapping as many times as needed to create a tapered body.

7. Make a few wraps with the thread to tie off the yarn, snip off the excess yarn and make a whip finish with the thread. Apply a small amount of Glue with a needle to the underside of the whip knot and if needed, another tiny amount of glue under the hook, just behind the eye to secure the wool. The Fly is complete. If desired, you can pick out the yarn of the body with a needle to make the fly bushier. The Killer Bugger is a most amazing fly. It has meant many happy hours catching all kinds of fish in all manner of places.


 Click on the picture to learn more about tying flies

How to tie flies
Here are some flies that imitate natural insects:
Flies imitating insectsFlies that Imitate InsectsFlies imitating insects
Flies that Imitate Insects 2


TENKARA LINE SIZE CHART:                                                                                      
Japanese                Metric                  English                        Approx. Strength-Nylon       
#1.5                        0.205 mm             0.008"                         8.5 Pounds                          
#2                           0.235 mm             0.009"                         11.5                                                               
#2.5                        0.260 mm             0.010"                         13.5                                      
#3                           0.310 mm             0.012"                         18.5                                                      
#3.5                        0.3175 mm           0.0125"                                                                 

#4                           0.330 mm             0.013"                          20                                        
#4.5                        0.3556 mm           0.014"
# 5                          0.370 mm             0.015"                          25


0.003/8X = 1.75lb. strength, 0.004/7X = 2.5lb., 0.005/6X = 3.5lb., 0.006/5X = 4.75lb., 0.007/4X = 6lb., 0.008/3X = 8.5lb.

 How the Gateway Loop 'n Lock hooks work



It's not the business that makes right livelihood. It's the way that we do business - Bernard Glassman

Tenkara Fisherman


Unbelievable quality! I once thought I was a fly tier...after seeing Jim's works of art, I humbly admit that I am not! Wonderful service/communication and very personable. I will be dealing with Jim again and again! Thanks for such beautiful flies Jim! - Michael C in New York
Thanks so much Mike! You are too kind. Sounds like I have done right by you and our beloved sporting lifestyle. That's what what it's all about. Tight lines my friend, Jim

“Exquisite! Great Service!”
Nancy S. on 3/23/17
I ordered two dozen mixed as a gift for a colleague moving to Japan. Jim was so fast getting the order out. The flies are little works of art and came with beautiful hand made boxes. My colleague was thrilled!

“High quality flies, expertly tied”
James B. on 3/16/17
I have been a fly-tier for almost my entire life. Tying a high-quality fly involves more than just following a pattern. The flies supplied by the Tenkara Fly Shop are excellent quality: high-quality materials, correct proportions, and skilled construction. Even though I haven't yet tried them on fish I am certain that if they don't produce the fault lies entirely with me. If you want high quality tenkara flies there is no need to go anywhere else.

“Quality flies, fast.”
Christopher S. on 3/3/17
I was very impressed with the quality fly selection. Even the "cheap" flies were miles beyond the flies available at big box retailers. The fast turnaround was outstanding. I plan on doing a lot more business with Tenkara Fly Shop.

“Great Personal Service !!”
Don R. on 2/1/17
I ordered up a mixed dozen Tenkara flies and after ordering realized I gave the wrong ship to address...I sent an email asking for the address to be morning I got a reply saying it was taken care of....I was also notified that my order shipped. Great follow through on even my small order. Flies showed up as promised and they look great. I'm a novice fly-tier and like to look at others work....these are really well tied. Great assortment too....various colored bodies and hackle.Hope to get close to this level some day. Can't wait to get on the water with these....Great experience overall. Also nice to support a small business that knows what they are doing....a nice signed thank you note from Jim too..Great job !!!!

“Great personal feedback and advice”
Keith R. on 1/6/17
My experience with Tenkara Fly Shop was world class. As a relative new Tenkara fisherman, the advice I received was invaluable. The communications was quick, detailed, friendly and excellent. The flies I purchased were exactly what I needed. I have definitely found my one-stop shop and the first place I will go when I need gear for my Tenkara. GREAT customer service!

“Works of art AND they catch fish too!”
Glenn G. on 8/24/16
Jim is a fabulous person to work with. His communication, packaging, and shipping are first rate. I can testify that his flies are not only beautiful to behold, but the fish find them irresistible!

“A Pile of Cheap Tenkara Flies”
Jon M. on 8/22/16
Very easy to order, customer service is second to none, fast delivery & great communication. As a beginner in Tenkara, the selection of flies works well on panfish & I anticipate they will do well thru the ice for crappies this winter. When I run through these, i will be sure to order more along with some of Jim's flies.

“Great site ran by a great guy!”
Rick M. on 8/20/16
Jim has been nothing but straight forward and is a great asset to the community. From flies to some really cool kitch, great shop.

“Great value!”
James S. on 8/18/16
If you're just starting out in Tenkara, this is the best value for your dollar.

“Tekara flies purchase”
Stephen H. on 8/18/16
I am extremely happy with my recent purchase from the Tenkara Fly Shop. Jim, the proprietor, was very friendly and helpful with advice and the order was sent very promptly. The flies are excellent and the free little wooden fly box was an added bonus and an indication of the generosity and fine customer service that Jim has. I would not hesitate to place another fly order with the Tenkara Fly Shop.

“Will's best on line experience”
William F. on 8/18/16
Always the very best! The best equipment combined with the best customer service in the business!

“Great Business”
Ed B. on 8/18/16
Great flies, great service and great prices- what's not to like?

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