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Jim’s own interpretation of the Dr. Ishigaki style is well worth the wait and competitively priced. My personal favorite is the Red Full Dr. Ishigaki style. Thanks to the Tenkara Fly Shop, I will no longer experience the frustrations of cheap flies that don’t last or produce. Thanks to - Red Brook Tenkara 


Thank you for your customer service my friend.  I always know that I will receive the very best in flies and gear from you.  I'm afraid your flies are going to be so beautiful that I will frame them and not fish with them.  Your work is that good!  You have a loyal customer in me Jim.  Take care and just the best for you this summer.  William - Colorado.

Along with flies, accessories & gorgeous fly boxes, Tenkara Fly Shop also has tons of info about tenkara fishing & lots of interesting reading. Thanks to - The Pliant Rod - Chris Lantzy

Jim. Received the flies just in time for today's outing. The worm was incredible. Had a 14 inch rainbow on the line. So big he snapped it. I just ordered 9 more of those. Great fly. Lost 2 in the trees and the other is still in that monster's mouth. Simon - New Jersey 

Hi Jim, Wanted to send you a quick note, I received my order of flies on Saturday and they were well worth a little wait, really excited to use these and top quality work!!! Just wanted to thank you again for the communication, for the craftsmanship and for including the wooden fly box (I love it!!!). I look forward to getting these out on the water sometime this week and will certainly tell my Tenkara buddies and be back for more in the near future. Russell - Texas

Hey Jim! Your Glass Ant stayed busy in Michigan rivers today. These trout love it. Thanks for an awesome assortment of flies. Will be ordering more soon. Jason - Missouri, below...
A Customer's Trout

Jim. I am extremely pleased with my entire 1st order.........especially the Killer Buggers which are by far the absolute GOLD STANDARD of any I've seen anywhere. Accordingly I have just placed a rather large order for more Killer Buggers so I don't run out soon. John - Pennsylvania

Outstanding Jim. Sincere thanks for going above and beyond. You can be certain that we'll make public mention of the great service you are providing. Catch you soon, best regards. Matt - Wisconsin

Dude, you rock! Thanks for the quick service and the e-mails.  I expect to buy more from you in the future. Jim - South Carolina

Jim, just wanted to express my gratitude for your excellent customer service. I received the package today and I am impressed. The quality of your merchandise is amazing. You just got yourself a customer for life. Carlos - California

Hi Jim. You may consider this order a little strange since it is for one fly each of 12 different patterns. I intend to photograph each fly and submit the photos to my magazine editor for inclusion in an article that I am writing for Colorado Outdoors magazine for next year. I am fully capable of tying each of the patterns (and have tied some already), but looking at your photos, I realize that you do a much better job. I would also like to cite you as the fly tyer and list your company as a source of Tenkara flies, if that is okay with you. I have attached a copy (photo below) of a previous article that I did for Colorado Outdoors on soft hackle flies as an example of my writing. I tied all of the flies photographed in the article, but I guess I am getting a little lazy with the Tenkara patterns. Also, I'd like to spend more of the short Colorado summer fishing with my Tenkara rod than sitting at a vise trying to tie the perfect fly. Thanks, Ron Belak

Hi, Jim. About 2 or 3 months ago I ordered some Tenkara flies. You filled the order with exquisitely tied flies (and gave me some extras) when I explained that I am going to use them to illustrate an article that I am writing for "Colorado Outdoors" magazine. The article is for May and I am just starting to write it. I could not identify 2 of the extra flies that you gave me and have attached pictures of them. Could you please identify them? I will credit your flies to "". Thanks again, Ron Belak.

I just got your package today, excellent craftsmanship, simply stunning - JK - Colorado

All of your flies are great, but the #14 olive with peacock collar that you tied for me recently were awesome today. I caught the most fish I ever have today thanks to that fly. I haven't had luck with it in bigger rivers but today (small stream in Utah) it was the perfect fly. My top three that I always use are the new olive one, grizzly Ishigaki, and the killer bugs (both kinds). The killer bugs always catch fish in the deep pools. The grizzly is awesome as a dry surface fly. Thanks again for your great flies. I have gotten better at not losing them but will still need more soon. KH - Utah

You sent me an ant fly and I love it, need to order more. Totally killed it! Joseph - Virginia

I appreciate that you also offer some low cost imports.  For both my wife and I, having decent low cost flies to work with when we practice casting or try areas where we have a high chance to snag is great. And being able to get those when also getting the nice flies you tie yourself makes it a convenient way to cover the bases. David - New Mexico

Hi, Jim. Just wanted to let you know I received my fly order today.  I have to say, for "cheap" flies they look pretty nice! Once I get a little more Tenkara experience under my belt, I'll invest in some of your custom flies. Thanks for such great service! Harry - Georgia

Hi Jim, Glad I found your shop; it's just what a beginner needs! I just purchased my tenkara rod, and I have no experience fly fishing. Now I know I can practice my casts and remain solvent (Cheap fly customer). Thank you! Dennis - The Bronx

Thanks for the quick turnaround - CF - Washington

Your flies are Beautiful! Hate to get them wet, thanks again for beautiful workmanship - JJ - Minnesota

Thanks again for the beautiful bamboo line holder - KL - Colorado

The tamo arrived safe and sound. It looks great! JV - Utah

Thanks for the fast service the, flies are spectacular and seem to be better than pictured on your site. The box is a nice touch too. SD - Minnesota

Received the order, I thank you. The flies are wonderful and the little box so cute :) JCG - Quebec

Received my order and your flies are great. Good job. PB - Pennsylvania

Thanks for the quick order processing. LJ - Oregon

Thank you again for the flies. They worked wonderfully. I wore 3 of them out! I bet I caught 25-30 fish on just 2 of your flies. They held up great and seemed to present when fished in the film superbly. The 2 patterns I used were the Dr. Ishigaki brown/black and the Dr. Ishigaki Grizzly. Just thought you would like to hear of the fun that your product has brought me. There is nothing like hooking a trout when no one else around is having any luck, then being asked, "what are you using?" You are running a first class business, and I really appreciate finding such quality on the net. Your customer service is only surpassed only by the quality of your products. MB - Colorado

Thank you very much. You went above and beyond. PS - Washington

Just wandered back in to pick up my new flies...all very pleasing & now not sure I want to get them wet...also: wow, that darling box. Thanks so much! ES - California

The flies are great looking! Got them placed in my little fly box and now I just need my rod to get here and I will be putting them to use! That was very quick! Thank you very much and I will be directing my friends to you once I get them into Tenkara fishing. AM - California

Thank you for giving me those pointers. I am excited to start Tenkara fishing asap! AV - Texas

Hello Jim! I received my fly order today. I'm new to this sport but they sure are beautiful! Just wanted to say thanks once again and to let you know how excited I was to gently tuck each one into its perch in my fly box. I have made mention of your kindness and shared pictures of my order and your website on my Facebook group site for my upcoming trip. Thanks again for the order!!! JU - Pennsylvania

The flies just arrived and look great; many thanks! JM - New York

Got the flies. They look great and I really liked your flybox too! BW - Nebraska

Thanks so much, Jim. I love your flies and I can't wait to try them all. I appreciate the extra fly too. Next time I'm in need of more flies, I'll be sure to contact you. JH - Michigan

The flies worked out awesomely for me, but none did as well as the purple bodied Ishigaki. Unfortunately it was sacrificed to the tree gods. I caught 2 - 10inch brooks, and an 18 inch rainbow on it! The others all worked quite well, and I was happy with all of them. I rotated them in and out experimenting with different patterns. I'm going to be putting an order in for more flies, with a few of those in there. Can you tie on barbless hooks? I was pressing down all the barbs, but it would be nice to not have to worry about that. Overall, I loved fishing tenkara, and outfished everyone else who was using spin rods on the lake! They just couldn't get the same presentation I could with their clear bobbers. Thanks again, DM - California

Dear Jim: I received the order of the killer buggers. They are terrific, and I really am looking forward to trying them out. I appreciate the special fly you included. Your work is great, your responsiveness and helpfulness exceptional. I look forward to doing business with you for many years to come. Kind regards, Paul - Maryland

I received the package of beautiful flies and boxes. WOW. That is so generous, and will be appreciated. THANK you. I can't wait to gift these and play on the stream! Colorado trout should be afraid! Thank you for your prompt service and your kindness. KM - Colorado

Received the flies yesterday and already hooked one! Fantastic work. Will definitely be recommending you to others and will absolutely be ordering again. Thank you so much. Jason - Connecticut

Jim, Thank you the quick handling and keeping in touch. Great customer service! Greg - Texas

Good morning Jim, I would like to say that I got my shipment on Tuesday and the flies look great. When I need more of them or to give them as a gift I will make sure to order more from you. I noticed that you threw in an extra one, thanks a lot. Frank L - Quebec

Hi Jim, Sorry it's taken a while to get back to you after returning from Algonquin. We had a great trip with great weather and wildlife, including beavers dragging branches through our camp and moose right around us. We only got out fishing a couple of times, with no luck in the lake. We did fish the Tim River one afternoon. Your flies were great and I did catch a couple of nice native brookies on one of the killer buggers. And they were deadly on chubs! I couldn't cast without hooking one, anywhere from 2" up to 14". Not my fish of choice but great fun. And thanks, too for the beautiful wooden fly box! It was a great surprise and my first Tenkara style box. Thanks again for adding to a memorable trip. I'll certainly be ordering again. Next time you're in the area with some time, give me a call and we'll get that coffee. I'll do the same next time I'm down your way. Jeff - Eden New York

Hey Jim, That Killer Worm did the trick on the river. Thanks, I like it. Stephen - Connecticut

Jim, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful flies you sent me for my son's birthday. They will be perfect for our fishing trip early April. They arrived exactly when needed and the small wooden boxes were a unique addition. Thank you. I'm sure I'll be looking your way for future business. Keith - Virginia

Hey Jim,
Thought you might like to see some of the success your flies have brought me this season. I had just opened the new order that contained the RA Monkey bead heads. I had a vision of them working in a pool that I have yet been able to get to the bottom fast enough, with the flies I've been using. It had just rained the day before so the water was a bit higher than usual. I lobbed that RA Monkey into the water and took 3 browns all between 12 and 15 inches. AWESOME WORK my friend. The little pretty one I got pulsing the black and red killer bugger through a smaller pool upstream. Thanks again.
Regards, Chris - Rochester

Two Customer's Trout

Jim has far exceeded any known standard of excellence. His insight was much more valuable than what I've invested in his beautiful flies. I have a son and grandson who I have just introduced to Tenkara. There is only one place that they will be getting their flies!" Bob S - Utah Below Right

My first day out fishing Tenkara with your beautiful flies I hooked about 8 big trout and landed about 5. Here's a photo (below left) of a gorgeous 13" went crazy for your Amano kebari. GG - New York Below Left

 Pics of customers fish caught

Unbelievable quality! I once thought I was a fly tier...after seeing Jim's works of art, I humbly admit that I am not! Wonderful service/communication and very personable. I will be dealing with Jim again and again! Thanks for such beautiful flies Jim! - Michael C - New York

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