American - Killer Bugger 4 Colors #12 - 3 Flies

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Is this the ultimate baitfish imitation? Well... it's certainly a good all purpose minnow pattern, and the only pure streamer type fly that I currently use. An adaptation of Chris Stewart's original. When I'm fishing for browns I won't be without this one and routinely tie it on first thing in the morning.

A killer bugger in white Shetland Wool, with a White Marabou Tail with Red underwire body. It displays a life-like form when wet creating a bloody, injured minnow appearance, with a tiny touch of flash. Copper weighted on a size #12 x-long hook.

Gets down deep in medium currents & imitates a tiny shiner. Many color combinations are possible. For example: olive, tan or brown wool & marabou for a sculpin or crayfish. Cream with black rib on a #14 or 16 hook for the Little Yellow Stonefly, the so-called Yellow Sally (which is a free swimming stonefly and a perfect candidate for Tenkara techniques). I don't glue the wool down on these as it inhibits the much desired color change.

Early in the morning, begin by wiping it in the algae to pick up some stream scent & hide yours. Cast toward the shore, near logs & under trees and manipulate with small tugs like an escaping baitfish.   If you don't hook a fish but get a follow, you will know where he lives. Return later with a different fly like a soft hackle sakasa. Most useful for larger browns who love bait-fish. A best performer here. Weighs 1/4 gram. Sold as three flies. 

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Jim the flies arrived today, Thx a lot , the wooden box is very nice !!!! You have a Great service for sure, I Will order again. Everth in Mexico

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