Kebari - Silk Eyed #12 - 3 Kebari

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These Japanese style flies are a labor of love. Featuring the finest materials; Whiting feathers, Silk bodies & "Silk Eyes", and the extra care in tying.

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It's a great pleasure to work with such quality materials. If you don't loose them, or the moths don't find them, you could literally pass these on to your grand children. It is recommended to dry them thoroughly after use.

Rooster short hackle flies tied full hackle on light "pupa/shrimp" hooks full for faster currents or downstream tactics or floating. The Red & Peacock Ishigaki Style is very similar to the Royal Coachman and a great searching pattern. Pair it up with the Black Rooster Ishigaki Style to cover most situations.

Soft long hackle flies on heavy "Klinkhamer" hooks. The Olive & Peacock features a full-body, but sparse peacock herl over olive thread. The Yellow & Partridge is available with a black wire rib to imitate a free swimming stonefly, the Little Yellow, or Yellow Sally.

Sold as Three Flies. Size #12 only.

Hi Jim. Got your flies today. Thanks for your perfect work. The trout season here in the mountains of Switzerland are slowing down. But with your flies I’m ready for next year and i still have some days to try your flies in the big holes. Will give you some feedback. Wish you a good time! Joannes in Switzerland

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