Kebari - Futsu Common Tenkara #12 - 3 Kebari

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Traditional Japanese Kebari: "Akiyamago style"

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Sakasa, or reverse hackle kebari are very popular in the West, but in Japan normal hackle is the more common. This particular selection features short Rooster Hackle in normal, upright position with Peacock Herl over Genuine Silk body tied sparse on light weight hooks.

Presentation is like the Dr. Ishigaki series of multipurpose kebari, right in the surface film down to mid depth in average flows.

However, I consider these even more effective than the Ishigaki patterns (with humble respect to the good Doctor Ishigaki san) due to the addition of peacock herl. Traditionally tied.

"Just received my order and want to report that I'm quite impressed with the craftsmanship." ED in New Hampshire

"Purchased a range of patterns from Jim which I successfully used on a recent fishing trip. Jim's Futsu Kebari consistently out performed all my other patterns over a 5 day period and I will definitely purchase more from Jim in the future." Wayne in Australia

Sold as three flies. Size #12 Only

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