Kebari - Dr. Ishigaki Style Barbless Size #12 - 3 Flies

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Very Simple/Very Effective! Tied in a bit of a sakasa style.

"Thank you again for the flies. They worked wonderfully. I wore 3 of them out! I bet I caught 25-30 fish on just 2 of your flies. They held up great and seemed to present when fished in the film superbly. The 2 patterns I used were the Dr. Ishigaki brown/black and the Dr. Ishigaki Grizzly. Just thought you would like to hear of the fun that your product has brought me. There is nothing like hooking a trout when no one else around is having any luck, then being asked, "what are you using?" You are running a first class business, and I really appreciate finding such quality on the net. Your customer service is only surpassed only by the quality of your products." MB in Colorado

Genuine silk body, intense natural brown, red, black & gray silk, Whiting rooster hackle on a barbless size #12 light wire hook. With all due respect, my humble interpretation of Master Ishigaki's famous flies and useful red & black variations of this excellent multipurpose kebari style. These seem to be at their best sparsely tied.

NOTE: For your convenience, offered sparse (a 2-3 turn hackle) or full (5-6 turns) as needed for current flow.

A great choice for wet fly style hatch imitation of various Mayfly species, particularly for hatching/diving behavior. Caddis & ants, beetles & flies of the summer too. Perfect for headwaters & stretches up to 2 feet deep, pools and just about every common situation. Barbless. Sold as three flies.

TIP: A similar pattern is the Futsu, or common tenkara fly (Shown in Purple - FOUND HERE).

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