A Mixed Dozen Inexpensive Dr. Ishigaki Style Kebari Barbed #12 - 12 Flies

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A dozen simple, hand tied Multi-Purpose kebari in the style of Dr.Ishigaki.

"I appreciate that you also offer some low cost imports. For both my wife and I, having decent low cost flies to work with when we practice casting or try areas where we have a high chance to snag is great. And being able to get those when also getting the nice flies you tie yourself makes it a convenient way to cover the bases." David in New Mexico
"Hi, Jim. I have to say, for "cheap" flies they look pretty nice! Once I get a little more Tenkara experience under my belt, I'll invest in some of your custom flies. Thanks for such great service!" Harry in Georgia
"Hi Jim, Glad I found your shop; it's just what a beginner needs! Now I know I can practice my casts and remain solvent (Cheap fly customer). Thank you!" Dennis in the Bronx

A cheap but good quality imported fly. Fish on top using fly-float, or deeper as a wet fly. A mix of Red, Black, Dr. Ishigaki Style & Ishigaki Gray. I tell customers to just put a needle drop of super glue or nail polish right behind the hook eye for durability. Sold as 12 Flies

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