Dr. Ishigaki Style Tenkara Kebari

Dr. Ishigaki style kebari are Very Simple/Very Effective! Tied in sakasa style with a slight forward rake to the hackle.

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Genuine silk body, intense natural brown, red, black & grays. Whiting rooster hackle on a barbed size #12 light wire hook. With all due respect, my humble interpretation of Master Ishigaki's famous flies and useful red & black variations of this excellent multipurpose kebari style. 

A great choice for wet fly style hatch imitation of various Mayfly species, particularly for hatching/diving behavior. Caddis & ants, beetles & flies of the summer too.

Perfect for headwaters & stretches up to 2 feet deep, pools and just about every common situation. 

Starts out with a wet-floating presentation, then sinks progressively deeper.