American - Killer Bugger White #14 - 3 Flies

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Is this the ultimate baitfish imitation? Well... it's certainly a good all purpose small minnow pattern. An adaptation of Chris Stewart's original, tied in "Small Stream size, and intended for Trout, Crappie & Sculpin fishing.

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It's basically an unweighted killer bugger in white Shetland Wool, with a white Marabou Tail tied with a Bright Red silk under-body. It displays a life-like form when wet creating a pink inner minnow appearance, with a tiny touch of added flash. Unweighted on a size #14 x-long hook (Tungsten beadhead also available).

Imitates a tiny shiner. Early in the morning, begin by wiping it in the algae to pick up some stream scent & hide yours. Visit Chris Stewart - Tenkara Bum for more on his Sculpin fishing experiences.

For trout, cast toward the shore, near logs & under trees and manipulate with small tugs like an escaping baitfish. If you don't hook a fish but get a follow, you will know where he lives. Return later with a different fly like a soft hackle sakasa. Or cast across & downstream, "Wet Fly" style.    

Sold as three flies. My super durable, last nearly forever design.

Jim the flies arrived today, Thx a lot , the wooden box is very nice !!!! You have a Great service for sure, I Will order again. Everth in Mexico

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