Glass - Jim's Caddis #14 Klinkhamer - 3 Flies

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Net-spinning Caddis (Trichoptera) Larva in two color patterns. Translucent mirror core glass beads with Antron dubbing gives life to your offering. Effectively covers the range from mid-depth to touching bottom.

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Makes a nice buggy presentation that gets down quite quickly but more naturally in average flows. Glittery Glass beads with "Antron" dubbing and dark bead head. Heavy size #14 Klinkhamer Hooks.

Two colors: Silver or Gold. The Gold & Silver lined beads exhibit a highly reflective aspect, acting somewhat like tiny spoons or spinners.

The Antron retains air bubbles underwater upon submersion just like the natural fly. Fish as a swung wet fly, or upstream as a nymph. Sinks faster than most flies, but not unnaturally fast like a tungsten bead head so it is more versatile. Great fly for Perch & Smallmouth Bass. Not available in a barbed hook. Sold as three flies. Size #14 only.

NOTE: The beads are genuine glass. Do not grasp fly with forceps to remove.

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