Fishing the Texas Trinity Watershed

Fishing the Texas Trinity Watershed

Here is a great choice for you Texans. The Trinity is an awesome watershed and very
beautiful. It has a good population of nice fish and it's not to crowded. So far, but of course it's hard to keep a good thing secret for long.

Stuart's Fork is in a lovely canyon, and good fishing from the mouth - upstream about 12 miles with lots of tributaries, all of which contain good rainbow populations, with short casts perfect for Tenkara techniques. Higher up the Stuart's Fork, brook trout are found. If you like the area, you might check out Coffee Creek, Swift Creek, Upper Trinity River, Little Trinity River, the East Fork and Stuart's Fork.

Details about the trail and stream conditions, and locations of campsites can be obtained at the Forest Service offices in Weaverville, Coffee Creek and Big Bar. If you plan to hike or fish in the Wilderness Area a wilderness permit is needed. Once you arrive, if you are unsure where to proceed, one of the best sources of detailed information comes from local businesses. Just ask around.

Walk carefully & fish upstream so the fish don't spot you & keep your shadow off the water. Check out the situation before jumping right in. Generally use Caddis & Stonefly imitations, but ants work great close to the shoreline, around logs, etc.. Dry flies also work great here and are fun to use. And don't neglect soft hackles; sub-surface kebari are excellent as well. You really don't need a large selection of flies here, whatever you have, and size 12 to 16 hooks are perfect.

If this is your first Tenkara trip, you don't need fancy flies like the silk eyes or the zenmai bodies. I would suggest the least expensive floaters like the Dr. Ishigaki, Ishigaki Grizzly, Akiyamago & A. Hyashi simplified on light wire hooks size #12 and 16 (or just simplify on the size #14s). For subsurface fishing in the deeper spots, patterns like the Amano, Okumikawa & Sakakibara are all that you need. Heck, you could probably just choose only one of the above and go with that if you wanted to.

Stuart's is a great stream to simplify your tackle. You can throw in a few imported flies or Eastern killer bugs for when you fish around snags (they are cheap and you won't mind the loss). If you want to add fancy stuff to the list, pick a Red Ass Monkey standard pattern, a jig version for deeper pools and any of Skye's patterns. But, I'm sure you will be fine whatever you take.

If you are careful, go slowly checking the situation out before casting and keep your shadow off the water, the Trinity will probably take care of you.


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